Cedar Creek


At Ledingham Mcallister we are dedicated to smart development by creating superior new home communities in great locations. For over a century it has been our commitment to exacting standards of design, environmental leadership, engineering and construction that ensures homes of enduring quality and value. More than 18,000 homes later, we can proudly state that our past was built on it, and our future depends on it.

Cameron, Burnaby

Charland, Coquitlam



Integra Architecture Inc. is an award-winning architectural firm located in the heart of Vancouver. The firm has a talented and evolving team of professionals who value strong client relationships, effective communication, and high-quality, sustainable design. The diverse portfolio includes all types of residential buildings, mixed-use projects and seniors housing.

Through communication and high-quality construction drawings, Integra seamlessly bridges the gap between the client’s reality and the architect’s vision.

Interior Design

Portico Design Group

Our approach has always been driven by the desire to “bring space to life”. By creating dramatic interiors, with a sense of discovery, people become engaged and interactive with the spaces they use daily. We design interiors to be true to the project vision: the architecture, the landscape, the geography and to the people who will be involved with them. We love to challenge the expected.

Originally founded in 1992, we provide design services to both commercial and residential clients, resort operators and residential and commercial real estate developers.

Landscape Architect

Prospect and Refuge

Prospect & Refuge is a full-service landscape architecture firm based in Vancouver, BC. From multi-family housing to schools, childcare facilities, hospitals and industrial sites, we work closely with clients to create vibrant and memorable places that are cohesive with the community. Building on over 25 years of history as Jonathan Losee Ltd., Prospect & Refuge carries on Jon’s legacy of humour, client-oriented service, environmental focus, and technical attention to detail.